My name Is Zee & I have been trading for a few years now & it has completely changed my life. I was able to leave my 9-5 & now trading is my primary source of income! I learned trading later in life & love teaching others so that they too can enjoy the lifestyle that trading brings! You are able to trade when you want, where you want & enhanced quality of life! I have helped hundreds of students & was constantly being asked to mentor/teach students so I decided to create my own Discord so that I could directly assist as many traders as possible!! #staygreen


My name is Mitch Skelly and I’m a trader and founder of Cipriani Capital. I have been trading for over two years now fulltime and it’s completely changed my life, not only increase my earnings but to live a flexible lifestyle!  Zee has been a mentor to me since day 1 and has always provided so much to the trading community in terms of free content, pre-market levels, etc. Our goal at Option Pro is to share with you everything we have learned over the years of trading that has helped us grow from new traders to consistent traders.


Hi my name is Tariq i’m 22 years old I started learning about the trading industry when I was 17 I finally found some consistency about two years ago and it completely changed my life around dropped out of college only after two semesters and got into food distribution industry but that was way too time-consuming I was 1 AM and coming back home around 8 PM  That’s when I realized that I actually had to put in a lot of energy and focus into trading and into my craft and now I’m a full-time trader working from home.Being financially free has allowed me to travel to several places ,help about close family members and live a lifestyle I only dreamed of a couple years ago And most importantly it helped me by back time


My name is Benny and I’ve been trading options for 1 year. I just recently graduated with a degree in finance but my main focus is on trading. You cannot find the freedom trading gives you anywhere else. Trading is all up to you and I think that’s my favorite part. What you put it in is what you get out. I’m happy that I started trading at a young age and my best advice for anyone is to start as soon as possible. 

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