"Started my trading journey the beginning of this year and felt lost without a community to help me grow. I have had some success here and there just sending my whole account on Robinhood, I was looking to get serious about trading and found @ZMtrades on Instagram! Posting watchlists for free until he announced Options Pro. I took that opportunity in August to join what I had been searching for since I started trading. I can personally say I have grown with the chat and as the community got larger I was able not to only learn from the admins but learn from other experienced traders. Unhappy with how I had been trading I took the Options Pro course where I learned technical analysis and trading strategies two areas I had not developed. When I started to implement what I had learned I saw amazing results. Thank you very much @mitchskelly @Tariq Abdel🥇 I can’t wait for what 2021 has in store!!"


"For anyone who is hesitant about taking the course this coming weekend, TAKE IT. I’ve been trading inconsistently for about a year and a half and have lost WAY too much money . I’ve taken several classes that were good, but I never saw much improvement. I took the first OptionsPro class at the beginning of October, so it’s been 2 months now- a really tough 2 months. I’ve had LOTS of ups and down with a couple of emotional breakdowns in between because I was finally able to see all the mistakes I had been making. @mitchskelly and @ZMtrades do an incredible job with the class teaching strategies that you can actually use besides just price action levels. Everyone trades differently and these last 2 months I’ve finally found my groove and realized the kind of trader I need to be in order to be successful and consistent. Mitch has been the best mentor anyone could ask for and he truly is the reason why I’ve seen such drastic improvement, as he showed me that trading is based on personality and he helps find the one that best suits you. They also provide this community where you feel comfortable asking any question and are constantly checking in to make sure we are successful. This community has been patient, kind, helpful, super funny and I’m so thankful to be a part of it. It was literally the best decision I’ve ever made to join this chat and take the course and has paid off thousand times over!"


"I have been trading for 1 year - my typical week is 3-4 small green days and then 1 trade I would lose all the gains from the week (and then some). I have been a super tight-wad because there was so much free information out there, I refused to pay for any classes. So with encouragement from @Crazyups , @mitchskelly and @ZMtrades , I finally made the investment and signed up for the Nov class. Wow! I was a fool for waiting so long - I learned more in 1 weekend that I have learned all year trying to figure it out on my own. The week after the class I was extremely comfortable in my trades and had my best week of trading since January. @mitchskelly , @ZMtrades , @Tariq Abdel🥇 , and the other admins are all excellent teachers and they help constantly. They are also doing a great job creating a positive culture and a lot of laughs along the way. These guys are the real deal! See you in the chat"



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